Saturday, December 21, 2013

Catholic Saints & Feast Days Kits

My family started homeschooling in 2012, so we are still newbies.  I admittedly have much to learn.  One of the areas I really wanted to focus on was faith formation.  Prior to homeschooling, my 2 older children attended our local Catholic school and had a great experience (definitely no horror stories here).  I wanted to continue, and deepen, the working knowledge of the Catholic faith that was started there.  Well, with me working full-time and just trying to keep our heads above water, we didn't do as much as I had hoped.

This year, I wanted to make learning and living our faith more integral to our daily routine.  I've already stated that this craft business caught me by surprise, but within the first week, I knew that I wanted to expand it to include specifically Catholic crafts.  I figure that this will give me the needed push to do delve into our faith and hopefully help others while doing it.

I have just finished planning and gathering materials for a saints and feast days kit that covers January through March.  I specifically targeted days that are on this year's liturgical calendar so that perhaps the saint or feast may be discussed in the homily.  I've tried not to be overwhelming and have spaced the crafts out so that there are 4 in each month.  I tried to get it so that there was one a week, but with some, that didn't quite work out (just know that I made an attempt. :) ).

Without further ado, here are the featured saints and feast days for January through March.
January 1st:  Mary, Mother of God
January 4th:  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
January 12th:  The Baptism of the Lord
January 25th:  Conversion of St. Paul
February 2nd:  Presentation of the Lord
February 3rd:  St. Blaise (because he's one of my favorites)
February 17th:  Seven Founders of Servite Order
February 22nd:  Chair of St. Peter
March 3rd:  St. Katherine Drexel
March 17th:  St. Patrick
March 19th:  St. Joseph
March 25th:  The Annunciation of the Lord

Be looking for future posts on kits for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  Later this spring (maybe early summer), I'm planning to put together an Old Testament Bible Story kit, a Parables of Jesus kit and perhaps Women of the Bible or the Disciples (still working through those last two... we'll see).

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