Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crafting with Kids

Crafting with kids.  Sounds sort of painful doesn't it.  Well, at least for the vast majority of us it does! 

Scenario 1:
You are walking through Hobby Lobby (Wal-Mart, Michael's, wherever) and you child begins to beg you for some things to make "crafts" with.

Scenario 2:
You have been lurking on Pintrest or some parenting forum and now you are convinced that you are  total dud parent if you don't do some sort of craft project with your child.  There is a distinct possibility that your child will be scarred for life if there isn't enough foam shapes, wiggly eyes and glitter before age 5.  Not really, but there are definitely some parenting sites and blogs that would lead you to believe that.

Scenario 3:
You are homeschooling your older 3 kiddos. You have a preschooler (not ready for "real school," but ready for something more than nothing).  All you really want to do is to give that child something constructive to do so that you can do an in-depth analysis of photosynthesis without having to stop to pick macaroni out of the DVD player.  You think you need a craft, but the last thing you have time for is that.

At this point, all three scenarios end you up in the craft aisle where you willy-nilly purchase things to "craft" with.  Your table now looks like this.

You've spent a small fortune and you have no idea what you (your child) are going to make with all this.  Now you also have to find somewhere to store it.  Ugh!  Does it ever end?
Well of course it does.  I wouldn't leave you with this mess.
How about an envelope that arrives on your doorstep at the beginning of the month?  It contains 12 crafts with the supplies and instructions needed to do those crafts.  Hmmm, this sounds good!
What do you need to provide?  Common school supplies (which you can purchase for little to nothing when it's back to school time in late July and August).
Here are some examples of what you get...

It seems so easy!  That's because it is.  Check it out.  More pictures can be found on the Kristin's Crafts for Kids Facebook page.

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