Monday, December 9, 2013

International Shipping

I've been asked about the possibility of shipping to Canada.  Since I've never shipped anything internationally, I spent a bit of time on the USPS website checking out what the cost would be.

Whoa!  Who knew that it was so expensive to cross a border with an envelope?  After doing some calculating, I will offer shipping to Canada.  There will an additional $5 charge for shipping to cover the extra cost ($7 to ship to Mexico).

I don't know if that will make the kits cost prohibitive to our Canadian friends, but I thought I'd offer it as an option.  I'm sure if it costs too much, no one will purchase.

Something to consider for the future would be purchasing in bulk.  If you have a large playgroup, coop or just a lot of friends and wanted to buy a larger quantity, it would probably be cheaper to ship several at once. I could look into FedEx or a larger shipping company and see if we could do better with pricing that way.

Have a great day!

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