Saturday, December 7, 2013

What is Kristin's Crafts for Kids?

That, my friends, is the question of the day.  A month ago, if you had told me that I would be starting a business, I would have laughed hysterically.  Funny how God puts things in your path that lead you where you never thought you'd go.

I'll share my story another day, but for now, here is the low-down on Kristin's Crafts for Kids. 

What is it?
Kristin's Crafts for Kids is a monthly kit with 12 crafts (with all craft materials included and ready to go) that shows up on your doorstep along with a booklist to go with the themes and some extra activities if you are looking for more to expand the crafts.

Do I need to provide anything?
The kit comes with all crafting items.  It is expected that the purchaser will have basic supplies available, such as scissors, glue and crayons.  Occasionally an activity can be expanded by adding other items.  Adding plastic knives and cookie cutters to use with play-dough would be an example.  Those aren't necessary for the activity, but adding them would enhance the experience.

Who would use Kristin's Crafts for Kids?
These kits are for anyone who has a preschooler that they would like to engage and entertain.  This is great for parents who aren't creative or don't have a lot of time to gather crafts materials that they'll probably never use again.  Are you a grandparent that watches your grandchild weekly and you'd like to have something a little different for him to do?  How about that homeschool parent who needs to occupy a preschooler so she can work with the older kids?  Do you want to be a star babysitter?  Bring a craft or two along for the kids to do.  They'll love it and ask for you the next time a sitter needs to be called!

What are some of the themes?
The themes are preschool friendly and center around seasons, holidays, animals, community, and so on.  I am Catholic, so I include holiday crafts that are Christian-based (Easter and Christmas specifically).  If you would prefer secular crafts, I can substitute if needed.  Please let me know when you order.

What if I have a 2 year old or a 7 year old?
The kids are geared for the 3-5 year old range, but that doesn't mean that children older or younger wouldn't enjoy the crafts.  For the younger kids, you would need to do a little more.  Perhaps you could cut all the pieces and let them glue them on or put the glue on the paper and they add glitter or wiggly eyes.  Older kids are more imaginative and could spend more time decorating or adding things to the craft that they find around the house.  Each kit is tested by my children, ages 5, 11, and 13 (mostly to make sure that the directions I write for the crafts are understandable, but they enjoy the process of making the crafts as well).

How much does Kristin's Crafts for Kids cost?
$25/month if ordered for a single month. 
$22/month for a 3 month subscription ($66)
$20/month for a 6 month subscription ($120)

There is a $5 discount for a second kit sent to the same address.  Also if you want 12 of just one craft (for a birthday party or to give as a gifts), I can do that as well.  We can work together to pick the craft out of that month's kit that would best suit your needs.

How would I pay for Kristin's Crafts for Kids?
I accept Paypal and will ship anywhere in the US (and probably Canada too, but there may be a slightly higher fee.  I've never shipped anything to Canada, so I don't know how it compares).

If you are local to me, I will accept cash as well as Paypal and will deliver to larger groups (MOPS, homeschool groups, playgroups, etc.)

I'm sure there are many more questions, but I hope I've addressed the big ones.  Look forward to more posts highlighting the monthly themes and a craft project each month.

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