Wednesday, January 22, 2014

February Craft Kits Ready for Shipping

I have pink fingers from dying playdough this morning! It is ready to go and that finishes the February craft kits.  This month you will receive...

1 Bird Watching Month craft
2 crafts for Dental Health Month
1 Groundhog Day craft
3 Valentine's Day crafts
3 crafts for President's Day
1 craft for Gumdrop Day
1 Polar Bear Day craft

There's cotton balls, gumdrops, yarn, popsicle sticks, foam stickers, tissue paper, wax paper and a bunch of other stuff included.  All you need is scissors, glue, tape, markers and/or crayons.

I'd like to get everything shipped no later than the 24th, so if you are interested in purchasing, please do so before then.

And, for all the Catholics out there, I'm starting work on the Lenten craft/activity pack.  Look for it in the next few weeks as well as the March kit.

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