Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Review

I always ask for feedback on the crafts I send out and I've sent several out to people I know locally that may benefit.  Usually the feedback I get is something like, "oh, these were great!" and "[the kid] loved them." This is all well and good, but it doesn't really give me a lot to go on as far as improvement or if I'm really helping families out by offering this service.  The other day, I was reading a forum post and it was about the craft kits.  It wasn't necessarily directed to me, but I felt like it was an informative review (and more complete than a thumbs up!).

I asked Ann if I could post it here and/or on FB and she agreed.  For clarification, the "charter member" comment is because she was the first person to order a kit and it was her initial search for a company that offered craft kits that led me to start Kristin's Crafts for Kids.  We do not know each other, although we both post on the same homeschooling forum.  This comment was posted on the Well Trained Mind forums PreK and K board.

I guess we are 'charter members' - I can't say enough good things about these! My ds#1 did the first two months almost all by himself & now ds#2 is using February's. 

There are enough crafts for three per week - which is PERFECT for a busy mom with a lot of other things going on. Once I knew how great they were, I went ahead & did the multi-month ordering because then I don't have to remember to go back onto the blog mid-month to order for the next month. There is variety in the materials & types of crafts, there is value in the items sent (it isn't all just paper materials), there are suggested books & activities that go along with each craft, and some of them tie into themes (President's Day, Valentine's Day, who knew there was a Polar Bear Day?).

Everyday ds#2 does his chores and then asks, "Is today a craft day?"

Thank you Ann.  I'm very happy that this is working out for you and your family. ;)

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