Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Barefoot Day and Cloud Dough

Grass is wet and tickle-y.
Concrete feels cold and rough.
June 1st was officially Barefoot Day.  Since that fell on a weekend, we spent Monday doing barefoot activities.  We took a barefoot texture walk around the house.   We checked out a number of different textures including dirt, big landscaping stones, gravel and others (shown below).

Bricks are bumpy and hard, but nicer to
walk on than the grass.
Sand gets stuck in our toes.
Once we came inside we experimented with the cloud dough from the kit.  It was such a hit that even the 11 year old joined in.  

Stuck in her toes!
How much can I fit between my feet?

It could only stay on the paper for so long, right?

She was excited that it would hold its shape!
I did discover that the cloud dough made the floor a little slick due to the oil in it, but no problem.  I needed to mop my floor anyway. :)

We didn't get around to reading the books this time.  I think I'll save them for the next time we get out the cloud dough (and I was told that there WILL be a next time)!

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  1. Fantastic idea! Walking barefoot in nature is just magical. Perhaps you can do that more often. Have an awesome day!