Sunday, July 27, 2014

August Craft Kit: Deconstructed

In the past, I've taken one big picture of the contents of each craft kit.  This time, however, I thought it may be helpful to see what you receive for each craft individually.  See, without further ado, the August Craft Kit (insert cheering and applause here)!

Owl picture for Friendship Day

Watermelon Magnet for Watermelon Day
Life Preserver for Coast Guard Day

Sheep in Briefs for Underwear Day

Shape Lighthouse for Lighthouse Day

International Cat Day

No, really. it makes a cute cat!

Lion Mask for World Lion Day

Beach in a Frame for Play with Sand Day

Honey Bee Day

Whale Shark Day

Bow Tie Day

Aviation Day
Remember, the August Kit is on sale for $22.  You can place your order using the paypal button on the right. 


  1. I just got my order and there is an Algebra 1/2 book in it. Is this something you need back or was it in there to keep the package from bending?

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I am sooooo sorry! That is absolute craziness. I hope there wasn't an extra shipping charge? I didn't pay for the extra weight. If it's ok with you, would you mind shipping it back? I have been desperately searching for that book for 3 days. I would like to offer some rationale as to how it got in your kit, but I've got nothing!!! If it's ok with you, I'll refund you the price of the August kit for your trouble. Shipping media mail is fine. Let me know if you need any information to send it back. Again, I am so sorry. I cannot even fathom how that happened.